Local Area Information

Lerwick  rose to become the islands capital mainly to its importance to the Dutch herring fishing trade in the 17th century aided by its spectacular natural harbour and anchorage, sheltered to the east by the island of Bressay. Today, Lerwick is home to approximately 7000 residents.

The apartment is situated in the historic South End of Commercial Street, Lerwick,  home to the Lodberries,  which were private piers and store houses used for the unloading of goods from boats.  One surviving example, which is just 100m from the apartment,  is well known to viewers of BBC1’s “Shetland” series as the home of DI Jimmy Perez.

The North End of Commercial Street runs below the walls of  Fort Charlotte, a garrison built in the late 1600s to defend the town during the First, Second and Third Anglo Dutch Wars. It was eventually burned down by the Dutch  but restored in the late 1700s and named after Queen Charlotte. Today it is maintained by Historic Scotland and houses the local branch of the Territorial Army

Other Lerwick attractions which are well worth a visit include Mareel Cinema and Arts venue and Shetland Museum and Archives (see links below)



For our keep fit enthusiasts or for some fun activities for the kids a visit to the Clickimin Centre, Bowls Hall and Swimming Pool is a must


Shetland is lucky to have a number of rural sports centres and swimming pools spread throughout the islands.  Visit https://www.srt.org.uk/ to help you plan your visit

For Up Helly Aa enthusiasts a visit is recommended to the Up Helly Aa exhibition which charts the history of this world famous fire festival as well as allowing visitors to view a replica longship or galley


A visit to the Tourist Information Centre at the Market Cross in Commercial Street https://www.shetland.org/ will arm you with all the information you will need on Shetland’s outlying areas and how to get there.  There are a wealth of activities and “must sees” to explore.  Here are a few highlights:

Jarlshof, a multi period settlement (Neolithic through to Bronze Age through to Norse through to medieval remnants) . Situated 25 miles from Lerwick, close to Sumburgh Airport


Any of Shetland’s pristine beaches but in particular St Ninians Isle, the largest active tombolo in the UK and connecting the mainland to the Isle where the spectacular horde of Pictish silver was uncovered by a Shetland schoolboy in 1958


Scalloway Castle, built by forced labour for the despised Earl Patrick Stewart


The spectacular island of Unst with the world famous Hermaness National Nature Reserve and one of the most significant seabird breeding and nesting sites in Europe


Bonhoga Gallery and Café, situated in the restored Weisdale Mill, approximately 15 miles from Lerwick


Buses to all Shetland’s outlying areas, including service buses to the Outer Isles, leave from the Viking Bus Station on Commercial Road.  Timetables, including timetables for all the inter-island ferries,  can be found here: